Krugertaxidermy is a registered/licensed and specialized professional taxidermy facility that handles the full spectrum of taxidermy services.

Raw Preparation (Dipping and Packing)

  • (Marakalalo Pty LTD) is registered as a quarantine facility with The Department Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries, Veterinary Services and complies to national and international laws and regulations. 
  • One of the main branches of the facility is to clean, disinfect and prepare raw animal products for export to a hunters’ taxidermist of choice around the globe.
  • A Veterinary Health Certificate is issued for each trophy consignment.
  • Raw prepared trophies are packed and crated according to international animal health regulations.

Krugertaxidermy import raw animal products for taxidermy processing from the following countries:

  • Eight (8) African countries
  • USA and South America
  • Canada
  • Kyrgistan
  • Azerbadjan
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • New Zealand
  • Greenand
  • Russia

Taxidermy Mounts:

 Shoulder mounts:                 Basic

Shoulder:                                Wall Pedestal

Shoulder:                                Floor Pedestal

Full Mount:                              Basic on Basic Base

Full Mount:                              Custom  and Action Poses

Full Mount:                              Cats and Small mammals

European and Skull Mounts

 Other Services:

  • Game Skin Tanning
  1. Fur tan for rugs
  2. Zebra Skins with lack under- felt
  3. Tanned skin products/curios
  4. Ostrich, Elephant, Rhino Buffalo and Game Skin upholstery leather
  5. Vege- tanned leather for Shoes, belts, etc.