About us

Kruger started Krugertaxidermy trading as Marakalalo Pty Ltd after a stint of wildlife consultancy work on the Marakalalo range of farms in Southern Botswana.

He grew up in a hunting environment with hunting genes and love for nature inheritaed from a rich family background. His great grandfather possessed a farm in the now Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park between South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Hi great grandfather’s house is today a museum inside the Transfrontier park.

Apart from his childhoof hunting activities for rock hyrax, game birdfs an small game, he has fourty two years of experience in hunting, wildlife management and conservation. Since 1999 he acted as Safari Outfitter and Professional hunter before he became a full time professional taxidermist.

With his vast knowledge of the Southern Africa Fauna & Flora, his wildlife and hunting “adventures” took him to Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana, where he also carried a professional hunters’ license

Kruger still hunts and fishes Africa’s wilderness areas, studies and conserves wildlife. His passion for hunting/fishing and conservation projects gives him unmatched ( kort ‘n beter word) knowledge of animals and birds to compliment his current full time profession as a Taxidermist.
His artistic talent and passion for wildlife started the hobby of taxidermy in 1997.

Krugertaxidermy is today a business, but he still prefers to call it his art hobby and does not want the business side of override his passion for creativity.

From 1999-2003 Kruger received training from one of the best Taxidermists in America. Bill Mason, owner of Mason’s Taxidermy in West Virginia, USA. Bill made sure that Kruger received invaluable training in the finer points of the art of taxidermy

Krugertaxidermy (Marakalalo Pty Ltd) is a fully state veterinarian certified and registered facility.

The facility renders a professional service in the full spectrum of taxidermy. From raw trophy preparation and exports, tailor-made custom items to museum and educational displays.